Updated: 01.01.2018


With a mission of providing consultancy in coal and mineral exploration, mine planning, design and allied engineering, CMPDIL, as a premier consultant, strives to be the market leader in the expanding earth resource sector and allied professional activities.

We are committed to:
1 Provide total quality in our rendered service through continual improvement in our system, technical excellence and internal efficiency, with the provision of all required resources and suitable work environment;
2 Ensure that the management objectives are framed for relevant functions, levels and processes considering the quality and information security issues;
3 Maintain our business continuity by protecting all our information assets from all threats and interruptions, whether internal or external, intentional, unintentional or accidental;
4 Ensure that all employees are aware of the requirements of this integrated management system and are conscious about their relevant roles and responsibilities;
5 Ensure that the management system is implemented in view of the frameworks of related business, strategic and information security risks with the intention of enhancing customer satisfaction;
6 Ensure that all applicable requirements are fulfilled.